Meet AIMI. The Worlds First Compliant AI Content Platform.

At AIMI, we fuse human creativity with Data, AI, and Automation to deliver you an automated marketing department for rapid revenue acceleration.

Reduce Costs

Automate content creation at pennies per marketing asset.

10X Productivity

Increase marketing output by eliminating manual tasks.

Convert More

AI analyzes live results to tell you “why” & “what” is working best.

“Companies that have adopted AI continue to pull ahead according to the results of McKinsey’s annual research survey. Organizations that have adopted AI report realizing meaningful cost decreases and revenue increases.”

Complement Your Sales & Marketing Dynamics.

Our tailored automation strategies remove manual bottlenecks, amplify productivity, and catalyze the growth your organization deserves, all in parallel with existing team efforts.

The who and why.
Strategy and content.
Auto Delivery
Cross-channel publishing.
1000s of assets in secs.
Deadlines at less cost.
Increase conversions.

Revenue Growth

At AIMI, The Perfect Balance of Authenticity and Automation Begins With...


AIMI’s automation generates “on-brand” campaigns and content, disseminating them across social media, paid channels, email, and SMS.


AIMI excels in crafting both promotional and educational content, establishing you as a trusted authority and thought leader in your industry.


AIMI automates follow-ups, scores leads, and enriches data, empowering sales to efficiently cultivate mindshare and drive business growth.

A Paradigm Shift in How Sales Get Done.

Attract ideal leads with targeted buyer personas using over 1 billion data points.

Automate lead nurturing, brand building and cadence using cross-channel delivery.

Acquire new clients with AI analysis of live results to tell you “why” & “what” is working best.

“I’ve never met a marketer who deeply enjoys producing 100 different variants of content,” he says. “I hope that time savings allows for our marketers to really get creative around their strategy.”

Fast Company – April 2023
Jon Fasoli, Mailchimp’s chief design and product officer.

Success Lies Within the Synergy of the Platform, People, and the Compliance of “AI Inside".


  • Account manager.
  • Marketing engineers.
  • Marketing strategist.
  • Marketing designers.
  • Data scientist.

Data +

  • Ideal customer modeling.
  • B2C & B2B contact enrichment.
  • Anonymous visitor identification.
  • Paid audiences and intent data.
  • Analytics: social, email, SMS, paid and content.

& Delivery

  • Social media content.
  • Email marketing.
  • SMS & print.
  • Replicated microsites, funnels, blogs, and digital assets.


  • Lead protection & rotation.
  • Lead scoring, stages, & alerts.
  • Lead activity tracking.
  • Lead capture.

Don't Be Left Behind.

See how AIMI can transform your business today.