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AIMISocial offers automated content recognition solutions to help businesses manage and recognize their online content. Our AI-driven algorithms are designed to recognize patterns in user generated content, quickly identify key topics of interest and provide real-time insights for better decision-making. With automated content recognition, you can easily spot emerging trends, track customer sentiment and analyze data from your social media channels to get a better understanding of what your customers want.

Online Brand Reputation Management

Clean Your Name

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Online Brand Reputation Management


Clean Your Name provides a comprehensive online brand reputation management service to protect your business’s public image and keep your name in excellent standing. Our services range from monitoring the web for instances of negative reputation, to working with search engine algorithms to remove unwanted content from appearing in search results. We are committed to providing fast, efficient solutions that …

All Flash Server


Finding an affordable All Flash server starts with shopping on a reputable website with affordable options. At Rackmount Pro, you’ll find the latest and greatest servers available in their inventory, and assistance right at your fingertips when you click on Support Online for your questions. Make the right choice when purchasing a server- Rackmount Pro. Yang Ming International Corp.